9u30: Breakfast and coffee

10u: Official start


Responsive design:creating a unique user experience by Sjoera Roggeman, Human Interface Group

"On tortoises and hares" by Annie Stewart & Pieter Rahier, Internet architects

The Web under our Skin by Bart De Waele, Wijs

Case Study: A Interactive Negotiation Tool by Dimitrie Stefanescu, BVB architects

Case study: the EYD 2015 website for the European Commission by Koen Peters and Maarten Segers, Namahn & Amplexor


Sketchnotes as a tool to synthesize and engage meaningful communication by Nadia Ferreira, Nascom
We're looking for an alternative workshop, more soon

Cities, data and happiness by Sofie Dieltjens, Tine Peeters, Dries De Roeck, Studiodott

17u00: Closing Speech & Drinks